Lynette Bettini
208 Shadowlawn Drive
Jamestown, N.C. 27282
cell 201-321-3034

Class Schedule

After school and evening hours
Call for schedule

$20 for 90 minutes (Includes supplies)


Lynette trains each 6-18 year old student personally to acquire basic skills in drawing and painting. Students are individually guided in a small group studio setting, to more advanced stages. Her ultimate goal is to teach them about light and shade, proportion, portraiture, figure drawing, color mixing, composition, design, perspective and inventive expression. Her students draw from a massive accumulation of real life objects including figurines, toys, animals, dolls, vases, flowers, blocks, cars, etc. They make their own choices, create the compositions and choose the materials: Use of paint, pastels, markers, water color, charcoal, oils, colored pencils, and mixed media techniques are mastered.. No child is in competition with one another. Lynette strongly encourages experimentation and finding their own style. Students will also learn about the dynamic use of principles and elements of art. Lynette has a large selection of art books and introduces them to artists. Lynette has 36 years experience as an art educator in the New Milford School system. She taught all of the art classes in the High School and has knowledge of advanced placement and portfolio requirements. She is a published illustrator, painter and programs designer. Her classes are held in a professional studio equipped with large tables, lights, mirrors, supplies, reference materials and a storage room for each student's individual still life. Classes are held after school and two evenings a week for an hour and a half during the school year. Summer classes are also available featuring open enrollment. It is an environment where students are serious and look forward to their weekly instruction. They proudly bring home work that is often framed by parents. Besides developing their talents, they are building up their own self worth.